Manufacturing Process Measurement


The system comes out of the gate with a fully functional shop floor data collection system. It allows you to track and monitor what is happening on the plant floor in real time.

There are a couple dozen reports that show you whats going on with downtime so you can perform preventative maintenance on your equipment before a failure. The system also comes with waste reports that indicate where you might want to have some training in order to reduce transaction costs. The unit control system reports can help your team identify potential missed billings with customer overs to allow you to maximize your profit while staying within customer thresholds.

The system has an integrated inventory system which is one of a kind in tracking receipts, walk-ins, and shipments for organizations of all kinds. The default version is geared for non-profit businesses but can be used by small businesses who want to get a grip on what they have, what's coming in and what's going out the back door.

There are reports to value the inventory as well as show you what the warehouse is supposed to pick to go onto a load. It is extremely quick to plan, build, and ship a load with this system.

With custom reports and lightning fast analytics, you can tell exactly what types of products are moving and which ones your business might need to discontinue based on movement. The ability to measure inventory turns helps you reduce the cost of goods stored.