Sales Information System


The customer relationship management application we've developed rivals all others in its ability to accurately and effciently manage projects, commissions, profitability, important dates, and sales team opportunities.

It is able to generate accounts payable invoices as well as track them against a project to assure all costs are captured in order to measure gross profit. We can forecast income based on the colleciton of contract dates and analysis of current and projected sales.

Our CRM system has a powerful commissions module where it automatically calculates commissions and holdback to ensure bottom line profitability and that your sales force is compensated profesionally.

For the future we hope to include a storm module for tracking recent storms for construction and restoration companies to quickly make sales calls to areas with high house damage. As with all of are systems, we have the best analytics, key performance indicators, scorecards, dashboards, and custom reporting of any package on the market.