What We Offer

Document Management

GLXY wants to assist you in developing a meaningful document management system which can be accessed by your entire organization from any mobile device. With your expertise, we will setup your site and collaborate as a team to discover the documents that drive your company’s success, plus help eliminate knowledge awareness liabilities. Our software has rich features for easy retrieval, life cycle change management and we can help you convert all PDF’s, Word, and Excel documents or forms that drive your business.


We help you shift your focus from physical server maintenance to being efficient within a virtual environment. We can help you grow your infrastructure while you grow your business so you can fully optimize your financial footprint. We get it. We want your business to more flexible and responsive to customer needs while keeping costs low. We enable you to be agile in delivering solutions to your end customers.


We want to exceed your expectations while dealing with your voice and data needs. We know what it takes to deliver high quality phone service with 99.9% uptime. This includes phone systems, wiring, voice over IP solutions along with call logging and metered billing for multiple building companies. We go to work for you to come up with the best services from some of the leading providers including Level 3, AT&A, Time Warner and others.


We help your team convert from a local or other hosted solution to a cloud based colaboration solution. This makes it easier for your people to collaborate on projects as if they were sitting next to each other. We analyze your current setup and make recommendations to help you get from start to finish. We help transform the way you work into an efficient and effective natural workflow.